Saopstenje povodom 15 godina LGBT aktivizma u SrbijiDecision of the Federal Executive Commission Socialist Workers Party of Spain

Declaration on the Equality of Sexual Identities

On the fifteenth anniversary of lesbian and gay activism in Serbia, we express our solidarity with every activist of this movement who, during and after the Milosevic regime, contributed to the development of civil society, promotion of democratic values and who permanently resisted war, militarization, nationalism, fascism and patriarchy.

Since 1991, lesbian and gay activists have shown their solidarity with all victims of the dictator’s regime in various ways, by transforming their everyday experience of oppression into creative acts.

However, today – even after the democratic government was established in Serbia – opposition by government, institutions, as well as by citizens, to the acceptance and appreciation of those who have different sexual orientations remains. The rehabilitation of the value system from Milosevic’s time, which asserted that ‘the other’ and those who are different were undesirable, also contibutes to the inequality of sexual minorities. Currently, there is insufficient political will to create an inclusive climate that accepts all lifestyles.

Therefore, we believe that:

- Attention to the problems of minorities cannot focus exclusively on national and religious minorities. Sexual minorities are also exposed to different forms of discrimination and regular attacks by nationalist, fascist and other right-wing groups.
- The exclusion and forced invisibility of any minority group that operates within the democratic framework and civil society leads towards further fascization of society.
- Refusal of the government and institutions to include lesbians and gays within society as equal citizens shows a lack of political will for making Serbia a modern European state founded on democratic values.
- The failure or refusal of the state apparatus to adequately protect people of all sexual orientations from violence leads to a deepening and increase of everyday violence.
- Some sensationalist media reporting and populist views of people of different sexual orientations deepen prejudices and makes the problems of these people invisible.
- It is known that relations towards minorities (which includes sexual minorities, according to European standards) is a litmus test for the democratization of a society. European integration is not possible until relations towards the gay and lesbian population changes.

Women in Black
Belgrade, November 25, 2005