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  • The Women in Black Network of Serbia reminds the citizens that 12 years after the Srebrenica massacre, the three persons accused of the gravest crimes, including the crime of genocide, are still at large in Serbia. Tomorrow is July 11th, the day when, in 1995, the RS troops under the command of FRY, occupied Srebrenica and went on killing systematically and incessantly the innocent Bosnians for eight days.
  • The Women in Black Network draws attention to the fact that Serbia is the first country charged with genocide since the foundation of the International Court of Justice in the Hague in 1920, and five persons have been charged for crimes related to the Srebrenica genocide so far.
  • In the memorial Center in Potočari lie buried 2,442 identified Srebrenica victims. Another 465 will be buried tomorrow. The Hague tribunal has established that 8,173 Bosnians were killed during those three horrendous July days. 87 mass grave have been found in the area of the municipality Srebrenica
  • The 15-acre area of the Memorial Center encompasses the cemetery of the victims of the first European genocide after the Holocaust, and the factory of accumulators, the place of torture and execution of the people of Srebrenica.
  • As the Serbian deputies boycotted the vote on the Law on the Memorial Center in the BH Parliament, the High Representative in BH Christian Schwartz –Schilling decided that the Memorial Center is to be administered by the state and financed from the BH budget. The government and the Parliament of RS defined the withholding of its authority over 15 acres of cemetery and cites of crime as “Snatching away from RS of a piece of its territory”, while the fighters and the families of the fallen soldiers of RS have formed a committee for “the preservation of Srebrenica in RS”. “The Memorial Center cannot be the object of anyone’s political game”, said Schwartz-Shilling at the end of his mandate.
  • Women in Black emphasize the fact that Srebrenica and Potočari belong to the victims, and not to the executioners, to compassion, and not to snatching”.
  • The RS committee produced a list of 892 persons employed in the municipal, entity and state institutions, who are related to the Srebrenica massacre, while the banner with the macabre message “Knife – wire – Srebrenica” was imported into Serbia by those who have been hiding and protecting the Srebrenica criminals for 12 years.
  • Members of Women in Black will visit Potočari for the fifth time tomorrow, where they will lay a wreathe with the inscription “Forgive us”. For the authorities in Serbia, there is yet another message: “Hand them over”.

In Belgrade, 10th July 2007


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