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Three Wishes for the New Year
Personal Statement
Radomir Dimic

The Coalition for a Secular State began as a citizens’ response to the growing clericalisation of society, as well as to the Law on Churches and Religious Communities which violated the secular character of the state. The latest activities of the Coalition are:

• Press conference on December 7th 2007, where the Coalition will be presented to the public together with the text of the Manifest on Secularism which has been initiated by the Coalition (Women in Black, Youth Initiative for Human Rights, Belgrade Center for Human Rights, Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights, Queeria Center for the promotion of a culture of nonviolence and diversity, Republika Journal, Social Democratic Union, Urban In, Center for Peace and Democracy Development, Center for the Advancement of Legal Studies, Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia) and supported by 50 intellectuals (women and men) as well as 50 civil society groups in Serbia
• Performance “We are not going back – Stop Clericalisation” will take place at Trg Republike on December 10th 2007
Additionally, the Coalition is publishing the following brochures:
• “What every citizen (woman) should know about SOC (Serbian Orthodox Church),” which contains a collection of statements of distinguished church and government officials in which the secular character of the state and our society came into question. Many of the statements also represent an attack on human rights and civil liberties.
• “Secularism and women,” a brochure that promotes the values of secular society


International Action against the Occupation of Pale stine - Stop the Wall

We invite you to join us on Wednesday, November 14 at 3:30 pm in Republic Square in Belgrade in black and in silence, to express our solidarity with our friends across the world who are working against the construction of the apartheid wall in the occupied West Bank in Palestine. We, Women in Black - Belgrade, join our friends who, from November 9 to 16, mark The Week of Action against the Apartheid Wall.
The state of Israel is building this segregation wall, which is more than 8 meters high, in the occupied West Bank. Today, the occupation of Palestine is the longest military occupation in history.
The wall makes it impossible for Palestinians to move freely. It is proof that Israel does not want to withdraw its troops from The Occupied Territories, but to intensify the brutal character of the occupation by dividing Palestinian land.
The presence of Israel in The Occupied Territories and the construction of this racist wall are obstacles to a just and lasting peace. Construction of the apartheid wall is a striking violation of human rights and violates international humanitarian law.
Violence in the region continues. It increased with the US’s ‘war against terror,’ which justifies the abolition of civil rights and supports repressive regimes and attacks on refugees.
From November 9 to 16, actions against the occupation are occurring throughout the world. Stop the Wall Campaign actions are being held in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, The Canary Islands, Denmark, Japan, Mauritius, Mexico, Norway, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, and Venezuela.

November 13, 2007.

End of Siege on Gaza Campaign

Preserve peace in Sandzak!

public announcement about a civic action
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To sing in a different tune in the galaxy of Women in Black
Or: how to evaluate the experiences of others and recognize them in our own experiences by listening to other women's testimonies

For Hagar Rolev, a boundless heart...
On the day of her death

Urgent Antifascist Opposition - Serbia (HAOS, from its Serbian initials, which means ‘chaos’) is a coalition of individuals, nongovernmental organizations, and political parties based on the idea of changing the current dominant values system in Serbia. The state incites, directs, and supports fascist ideology.
This means that it condemns, discriminates against, and persecutes all difference, especially religious and ethnic minorities.
Undisguised Orthodox Christian fundamentalism and nationalism which is practiced on all levels, subjects everyone who does not belong, as well as everyone who refuses to belong, to discrimination.
Based on these reasons, we formed HAOS, Urgent Antifascist Opposition - Serbia.


1. HAOS is a coalition of individuals, nongovernmental organizations, associations, and political parties that joined of their own volition because they share the concern about the growing fascism and feel a need to change these conditions.
2. HAOS is made up of members whose values systems have a civic, democratic, and freedom-loving orientation.
3. HAOS has the goal of changing the dominant fascist values systems, which is practiced by governing parties as well as the opposition parties which support them and with which the government collaborates, and strengthening democratic values.v 4. The denial or glorification of war crimes, genocide, and the Holocaust are crimes.
5. Praising and supporting murderers and war criminals are criminal acts.
6. Freedom of speech not dot include advocacy of fascism.
7. The state is comprised of its citizens, not its territory. People are more valuable than land.
8. Nationalism is a synonym for fascism. It is a degenerate system of values that denies people’s differences.
9. Religion and belief are private for every individual. They cannot and should not be part of state politics.
10. Human rights are inalienable and non-negotiable.
11. The state is not permitted to use secret societies or armed or militant groups to protect its interests, in opposition to the interests of citizens. The state is not the property of individuals or groups that would remake it by their own methods to serve their own purposes.
12. Fascist ideology is an ideology of hate. Hate brings only suffering, fear, and support to individuals and groups who appropriate the state from the citizens. Values systems based on all forms of hate must be abolished.
13. Fascism means that belonging specific racial, ethnic, or religious groups is considered ‘adequate.’ Members of the specified groups are worth more and have more rights than others. That ideology should be abolished. ‘Others’ are the same as us and have the same rights.
14. The restriction of belonging based on any religion, ethnicity, or race separates people from their membership in the human race and the entire world, which is truly our home.
15. Antifascism is a value which we will not give up. We will not be able to be part of the Europe to which we aspire if we equate fascism with antifascism, if we relativize those ideas, if we tolerate hate speech and incitement to discriminate in the name of free speech, and if we are indifferent to the increasing fascization of society.

In regards to the recent events in Sandzak, in connection with the Islamic community, NGO’s and civil society actors are expressing serious concern and condemnation of all the structures that have brought about this sequence of events. We want to hold accountable all the local authorities, as well as the Islamic community, but also the government of the Republic of Serbia, security services, and all the regime media.
It is clear that we are dealing with a staged political conflict with the goal of establishing control over institutions and the lives of the citizens of Sandzak. The continuous production of hatred, chaos, fear, insecurity, division and conflicts are springing from the same well that was previously used by the regime of Slobodan Milosevic and in the current era of legalism of Vojislav Kostunica.
Peace is continually threatened, whether through inter-ethnic conflicts, or within the same ethnic and/or religious communities. The increasing abuse of religion and beliefs for political ends brings the secular character of the state also under threat. Even though the Constitution is a guarantee of the principle of separation of church and state.
The goal of this production of chaos is clear - it is the only way for certain political options to remain in power. We believed these political options disappeared from Serbia with the fall of Slobodan Milosevic. They were famous for: halting democratic processes; denial of civic values; prohibiting solidarity among people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds; exclusion of women from public life and promoting a return to the middle ages.

Silence will not protect anyone, civic solidarity is stronger than politics of darkness and destruction.

Preserve peace in Sandzak!

The politics of violence and chaos have already produced misfortune and suffering of millions of people. Among them is the crime that was committed against 16 Bosniak citizens in Sjeverin on October 22nd 1992.
Therefore, we, responsible citizens, continue to exert pressure on the Government of Serbia and the institutions it controls – to stop this continuous production of distrust, fear, hatred and enemies.

We will continue to fight for a Serbia based on civic values!

Through our civic action, we support and encourage freethinking citizens in Sandžak and throughout Serbia to end the silence, apathy and the feeling of helplessness.
Remembering the crime in Sjeverin and expressing concern that crimes could continue, we organize a peace gathering and rally on October 22nd 2007, in Novi Pazar, from 15:00 to 17:00 with the following slogan:

Preserve peace in Sandzak!

Center for Cultural Decontamination - Belgrade
Damad - Novi Pazar
Humanitarian Law Center - Belgrade
The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia - Belgrade
Impuls - Tutin
Youth Initiative for Human Rights - Belgrade
The Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights – Yucom - Belgrade
Urban-In - Novi Pazar
Women in Black - Belgrade
Belgrade, October 16th 2007.

In regards to the recent events in Sandzak, in connection with the Islamic community, nongovernmental organizations from Tutin - Impuls, Ruka, Fotos, Alternative Cultural Center, MAG and Gest - are expressing serious concern and condemnation of all the structures that have brought about this sequence of events.



Seminar – October 5-7, 2007.
Totovo selo


The attack on Dejan Anastasijevic, a journalist for the weekly Vreme (Time), is the latest in a series of fascist attacks on representatives of civil society, human rights defenders, and promoters of a different values system.
In this state that still has not discovered the inspirers, commanders, and perpetrators of the murder of the journalist Slavka Curuvije, which imprisons the journalist Zeljko Bodrozic, and that permits and tolerates public death threats against the journalist Dinko Gruhonjic, the attack on Dejan Anastasijevic is an attempt by Nazi and clero-fascist group to settle scores with those who do not think like them. At 2:50 in the morning on April 14, a hand grenade exploded on the window ledge outside Dejan Anastasijevic’s apartment. Dejan Anastasijevic wrote about the massacres committed by the Serbian army and police in 1998 in Drenica region of Kosovo. He was a witness at the trial of Slobodan Milosevic in The Hague. He worked on the documentary film ’The Unit.’ These treacherous attacks are the work of people who do not want to accept that the Milosevic regime was criminal, that it committed innumerable crimes in our name. Consequently, they attack citizen who seek responsibility for the crimes committed in our name. We demand an urgent effort by all authorized state institutions to find and punish the perpetrators of this heinous act.
We will continue our efforts for a different Serbia, one without fear and violence and free from criminals who freely walk the earth.
Belgrade, April 14, 2007
Women in Black


After publishing Women’s Peace Coalition’s (which consists of Women in Black Network from Serbia and Kosovo’s Women Network) joint statement in which an opinion about a settlement proposal for Kosovo’s status had been published, Belgrade daily Kurir responded in the way they themselves are known about. If we take into consideration the fact that this daily paper openly advocates interests of so-called anti-Hague lobby and that it is controlled by certain structures of secret police which decisevly reject any attempt of normalization in Serbia and are advocating a country’s isolation, Kurir’s interest for our statement could be interpreted as announcing a new wave of repression against Women in Black. This interpretation seems to be appropriate, especially in light of the fact that Kurir’s journalist Jelena Jovanovic in a telephone conversation held on February 17th 2007 comminuted to the Coalition’s members. Asking for Stasa Zajovic, a coordinator of Serbian part of the Coalition, she among other things stated, alleging on non-identifiable sources who allegedly informed her – “Though you are non-governmental organization you can’t demand that a will of majority of population in Kosovo is respected.” She also said that this demand is anti-Consitutional and that it is punishable with prison. She contacted Kosovo’s representative of the Coalition Igballe Rogova whom she calle din Prishtina and said „If you are asking for Kosovo’s future status outside of state and legal framework of Serbia you maybe sententenced from 3 to 15 years“. The article itself, published on February 18th 2007 is entitled „Prison“ and subtitle is „Memebers of Ceda’s coalition and Women in Black according to current Consitution may face up to 15 years in prison for advocating independent Kosovo“. Among other things in article is stated „By proposing that Kosovo should be excluded from Serbia, ’sub-branch’ of non-governmental organization Women in Black called Women’s Peace Coalition agreed with what members of the coalition around Liberal Democratic Party said in the Parliament at the first session of the newly elected Parliament, as well as Albanian representatives from south of Serbia. All of them according to the current Consitution of Serbia ar facing up to 15 years of imprisonment! Public prosecutor should react on his/her official duty and instigate criminal charges against this organization and its leaders“.
The assumption that this journalist expressed her indivudual opinion is not realistic, since that is not the practice of the before-mentioned daily. It’s more likely that she acted on istructions of those power centers which want further destablization of the Balkan and further aleniation of Serbia (from Europe)

Stasa Zajovic
Women in Black Network in Serbia Coordinator

Belgrade, February 2007


26.10.2006 oko 21 cas u Novom Pazaru aktivisti/kinje nevladine organizacije Urban-In napadnuti su od strane pet nepoznatih lica prilikom lepljenja plakata u okviru akcije poziva na bojkot referenduma o Ustavu Srbije. Napadaci su im oduzeli i pocepali plakate, preteci im prebijanjem ukoliko nastave sa lepljenjem. Slucaj je prijavljen SUPu u Novom Pazaru.
Centar za razvoj neprofitnog sektora Sandzaka

Zene u crnom, Beograd i Pokret za mir i toleranciju, Becej u saradnji sa Skupštinom opstine Becej vas pozivaju na projekciju filma o Zenama u crnom - Uvek neposlusne, u reziji Jasmine Tesanovic i Jelene Markovic

• tribina : 15 godina zenskog mirovnog aktivizma u Srbiji, 15 godina nenasilnog otpora u Srbiji
• audiovizuelni performans u projekciji grupe Skart
i izložba slika Zena u crnom

Gosce: Zene u crnom, Beograd
Stasa Zajevic i Jelena Markovic

13. novembar 2006. ( ponedeljak ) 18 sati u Velikoj sali Skupstine Becej

A belgrádi NŐK FEKETÉBEN és az óbecsei BÉKÉÉRT ÉS TOLERANCIÁÉRT MOZGALOM Óbecse Község Képviselő-testületével közös szervezésben
Meghívja Önt a MINDIG ENGEDETLENEK – a NŐK FEKETÉBEN szervezetről szóló film vetítésére, melyet Jasmina Tesanovic és Jelena Markovic rendezett

• Lakossági fórum: A női békeaktivitás 15 éve Szerbiában, az erőszakmentes ellenállás 15 éve Szerbiában
• Audiovizuális performansz a Skart együttes előadásában
és a NŐK FEKETÉBEN szervezet fényképeinek kiállítása

Vendégek: a NŐK FEKETÉBEN Belgrádból
Stasa Zajevic és Jelena Markovic

2006. november 13. (hétfőn) 18 órakor A Képviselőház nagytermében


Zene u crnom ce ga obeleziti akcijom na Trgu republike istog dana od 17-18 casova. Bice organizovano i deljenje letaka. Pozivamo vas da nam se pridruzite.
Announcement about the Attack on Dejan Anastasijevic

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