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Protest: "What is the Sex Offender Advising the Serbian Government?"

Women in Black, in Republic Square on October 2nd, and with the support of 30 women's groups from throughout Serbia, held a protest against the appointment of Dominique Strauss-Kahn as the economic advisor to the Serbian government.

During this action, activists from the different women's groups held banners and signs that reminded the public about the complexity of violence against women as a social phenomenon. At the same time, the public was reminded that the government of Serbia, through the appointment of a sex offender to such a high-ranking position, shows profound contempt for half of the Serbian population (and that is women, to be more specific). This decision also shows profound disregard for workers, immigrants, and all other disadvantaged women.

Algeria twenty years on: words do not die
by Karima Bennoune

Solidarity campaign: Justice for Suja Jones and Child X

Suja Jones, an Indian woman has taken her French husband to court on charges of rape of their daughter. She is fighting a lonely battle, while the French authorities provide support to the accused, an employee at the French consulate in Bangalore. The French media has given a very biaised coverage of this case, based on the allegations of the accused father.
We, the undersigned, express our deep concern at the role and attitude of French autorities in this case, which has in many respects violated the right for the child to be protected and defended.
We demand that the French autorities cease their continued unilateral support for the accused party.


Why is the state pasive while my labour rights are being violated?

Marking of the revolutionary, mancipatory and anti-fashist holiday was organized by Reconstruction Womens Fund and Network of Women in black on Friday, 8th of March in Belgrade on the Republic Square with a performance, street march and programe in Center for Cultural Decontamination.
As in previous yers, this year we reminded the public that women's labour rights are endangered, that women work more working hours and earn less, that women are the first on the lists for releases, "Law is just a ink on paper, I want to live from my work".
More then 200 people participated in the march in Belgrade. Also, on the same day, marches under the same slogans were held in Novi Sad, Prijepolje, Nis, Vranje, Leskovac, Pirot, Novi Becej, Vlasotince, Krusevac and Kraljevo.


MARCH 8th 2013 MARCH 8th 2013 MARCH 8th 2013

A woman is more than the victim

On Friday June 22nd 2012, a small delegation from Belgrade's Women in Black travelled to the Bosnian village of Dzulic (near Zvornik) tomeet with local womeninfriendly camaraderie and solidarity. We arrivedin Dzulic, a quintessential Bosnian village of about 500 families, just as the scorching late afternoon heat began toebb. At Dzulic’s cultural center several women waited outside to welcome us. Inside, a group of (perhaps) thirty women were gathered – some from Dzulic, others from Zvornik, all survivors of egregious indignities, violence, and trauma of war and the injustices of its aftermath.Throughout the next few hours, an open conversation unfolded over cups of domestic coffee, quite a few cigarettes, and glasses of a local milky-white juice made from corn. Some women spoke about their frustrations with local government and the daily struggles they faced in rebuilding their lives. Other women spoke to the destitute economic situation hinders social restoration and political progress.A few (particularly from Zvornik) noted their disappointment with the residual fascism and aggression of their Serbian neighbors. One woman lamented with weary aggravation that she still has not been able to bury her husband. Still, while a few women spoke at length, many said very little.


Note the standing "Štrpci"

Due to nineteen years since crime in Štrpci occurred, since the ravish of nineteen passengers of Muslim nationality, on the Belgrade-Bar railway in Štrpci station, on 27th of February, 1993., Women in Black have organized a peace action.

A vigil in black and in silence was organized on 27th of February, 2012. in front of the railway station of Belgrade, from where literally and symbolically death train no 671 departed.

Humanitarian Law Fund and Human Rights Committee have joined our action, and the action was covered by Fonet news agency, one of Turkish tv channels and E-newspapers.

Women in Black repeated once more what they demand of Serbian authorities:

- that relatives of the victims have the right to know the truth about their dear ones: the state is obligated to reveal where are the remains of the victim
- that relatives of the victims have the right to justice: the state is obligated to punish all the responsible (commanders, planners, perpetrators) for this crime.

We were holding those placards:

- Women in Black for peace and justice
- on 27th of February, 1993. nineteen passengers of Muslim nationality were kidnapped in Štrpci station
- the death train 671 departed from here
- two of our placards contented the name of 19 victims
- the train has stopped at 15.48h
- where are the abducted from Štrpci?
- nineteen years since crime in Štrpci occurred (27.02.1993.- 27.02.2012.)
- justice for the victims, punishment for the perpetrators,
- we remember crimes in Sandžak?
- we remember
- Women in Black for peace and human rights

Reports from the action "Solidarity not mercy"


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