Announcement for the Media

Tomorrow is 11th July, the twelfth anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide, records the Urgent Antifascist Resistance of Serbia (HAOS), reminding that the Research Archives Center from Sarajevo concluded in June that 8, 466 Bosnians of Srebrenica were killed in the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A “legitimate military action” took place in Srebrenica in July 1995, according to the former president, actual Prime Minister of Serbia, Vojislav Koštunica, reminds HAOS. The logistics of the “legitimate military action” consisted of sixty-odd trucks bearing registration plates of RS, Montenegro and Serbia, bulldozers, keepers, trench-diggers, tractors, flash lights for nighttime executions, blindfolds and barbed wire for tying the limbs. And human beasts. In the memorial Center in Potočari lie buried 2,442 identified Srebrenica victims. Another 465 will be buried tomorrow.

Out of 19 charges with the geographic definition “genocide”, six were concluded by verdicts of the ICTY, ranging from the qualification of “genocide” to “crime against humanity”. Out of the four fugitives who have been on the run for four years, three have been indicted for the Bosnian genocide. All of them are in Serbia, according to HAOS.
This year, The International Court of Justice proclaimed Serbia guilty of not having prevented the Srebrenica genocide. The background of this plain legal formulation is – Serbia knew about the genocide, but failed to do anything.

Unless worldly justice, either in the Hague or in the domestic system, seizes all the suspects and indictees, all the citizens, the entire nation and generations to come will forever bear the blame for the most atrocious crimes committed in Europe after Hitler, warns HAOS. Srebrenica, Foča, Bosnia, Vukovar, Škabrnja, Croatia, Suva Reka, Meje... Kosovo, hold behind bars millions of citizens of Serbia of legal age, as well as minors.
HAOS calls on all the state and political institutions of Serbia to break away from the criminal regime and evil value system, by IMMEDIATELY handing over the war crimes suspects to the Hague, depriving them of moral and material support and adequately punishing all those who have contributed to the Srebrenica tragedy. Only then will Serbia stand side by side with the rest of the world.

The Members of HAOS are: The League of Social-Democrats of Vojvodina, the Social-Democratic Union, Women in Black, The Belgrade Center for Human Rights, The Youth Initiative for Human Rights, the Independent Journalists’ Association of Vojvodina, The Antifascist Action Novi Sad, DAMAD from Novi Pazar and Impuls, Tutin.

In Belgrade, 10th July 2007

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