Awards and Recognition


Since our beginning in 1991, Women in Black has been supported by parts of the antiwar and feminist movements from many European countries and the USA. Together with these organizations, we build a network against war and all forms of nationalism, fundamentalism, and militarism. We worked similarly on the local and regional level. Since the beginning, we build a network of mutual support, solidarity, and friendship. On the international level, we were noticed and recognized by some foreign institutions. However, in Serbia, despite the fall of the Milosevic regime, institutions have not confessed to their role in the criminal past. On the contrary, government institutions are currently their campaign against nongovernmental organizations that demand that the Serbian regime is held responsible for war and war crimes.

Among numerous awards and prizes, we have received the following:

- Honorary Presidency - 1993: The M. K. Gandhi – M. L. King – B. Khan Association of Brescia, Italy awarded Women in Black—Belgrade their honorary presidency for 1993 because of our antiwar action.

- Peace Prize - 1994: Women in Black—Israel awarded this prize to Women in Black—Belgrade in December 1994 for our ‘tireless opposition to the militarist Serbian regime and actions in solidarity with women from the former Yugoslavia.’

- Nomination for the Alternative Nobel Prize – 1994: We were nominated for the Alternative Nobel by War Resisters International.

- Millennium Peace Prize – 2001: Women in Black was awarded the first Millennium Peace Prize by Unifem, the UN agency for women. On behalf of the International Network of Women in Black, Staša Zajović of Women in Black—Belgrade accepted the award on March 8, 2001 at the United Nations building in New York. The prize was awarded for the network’s ‘antiwar action; building of a network of women’s solidarity against war across all state, ethnic and religious boundaries, barriers and affiliations; nonviolent politics; constant efforts to build and create peace and creation of women’s peace alliances and coalitions.

- Nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize – 2001: In May 2001, members of the Norwegian, Finnish, and Danish parliaments nominated Women in Black—Belgrade and Women in Black—Israel for this prize in recognition of our ‘nonviolent opposition to war and women’s solidarity across all borders and boundaries.’ In 2003, we were again nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, but with numerous other alternative networks and organizations.

- Honorary Citizenship, Tutin – 2004: The municipal government of Tutin, in the Sandžak region of south Serbia, named Staša Zajović, a co-founder and current coordinator of Women in Black—Belgrade, an honorary citizen for her ‘opposition to war, spirit of tolerance, and help to victims of war.’

- Honorary Citizenship, Granada – 2004: The municipal assembly of Granada, Spain named Staša Zajović an honorary citizen in recognition of her ’ethical values and ceaseless effort to resolve conflicts and build a place for communication and peace-loving exchange among citizens of all ethnic groups.’

- Nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, 1,000 Women for Peace Campaign – 2005: Staša Zajović was one of those nominated.

- Konstantin Obradović Prize – 2005: This prize was awarded by the Belgrade Center for Human Rights to Women in Black in recognition of our efforts to ‘advance human rights culture’ and our ‘brave, untiring nonviolent opposition to war, militarism and ethnic homogenization.’

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