At the call of the CURE foundation, five activists from Women in Black went to this festival and conference-two from Belgrade, two from Zajecar, and one from Bor. Activists from all of former Yugoslavia attended the conference.

The first part of the festival was a conference about the Drug-Ca meeting, which occurred at the Student’s Cultural Center in Belgrade in 1978. Sharing their memories of this meeting were Nada Ler Sofronic, director of the Women and Society center, Dunja Blazevic, director of the Museum for Contemporary Art, Vesna Pusic, vice-president of the Croatian Parliament, and Liljana Gakovic, of Women in Black.

The second part of the conference consisted of presentations by Women in Black activists: Milos Urosevic, Kasandra and I; Ljiljiana Radovanovic, Myself as an Activist; Mirjana Rasic, Myself as an Antimilitarist; Jasmina Stevanovic, Myself as a Feminist; and Jelena Miletic, Societally Engaged Art.

A promotion of Durde Knezevic’s book occurred in the evening.

Interactive debates followed. Films were screened on both afternoons, including the film about Women in Black, Always Disobedient. The evening offered an excursion to performances at a club.

The following day interactive discussions about place of women in former Yugoslavia were held. In the evening, the festival closed with an evening of poetry.

Milos, WiB

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