"From a wall to many walls"

Women in Black are organizing an antifascist action called “From a wall to many walls” on November 9, the International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism from 12 noon to 1 PM in Knez Mihailova Street, at the Delija Fountain. The action is also being organized for the anniversary of 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The fall of the Berlin Wall symbolizes the moment of breaking down a system of “real socialism” in Eastern and Central Europe. The fall of the Berlin Wall awoke hope in empowering freedom and democracy. Even though in some economic aspects a progress was made, the optimistic expectations that, after the parliament democracy and capitalist market economy were to be found, the societies were going to prosper seems to have failed. Instead of that, one can see the increase of social and economic inequality, nationalism, populism, xenophobia, conservatism, radical pro-fascist ideologies, politics and practice. The atmosphere of racism and xenophobia escalated particularly with the beginning of the refugee crisis - instead of open borders the barb-wire fences, barricades and walls are being set up, even between the EU members themselves. New walls are being built in order to stop the influx of refugees and migrants… In all of Europe and the world we are witnessing the rise of militarism, military expenses and arms trade...

The state of Serbia and private companies that are close to the regime are exporting arms to countries at war and various dictatorial regimes: the arms produced in Serbia are found in various war zones and especially in Yemen and Syria and they often end up in the hands of different terrorist organizations that are committing war crimes, which makes the producers and distributors accomplices in war crimes. For the sake of gaining enormous profit from arms sales, the regime is causing death of civilians in war zones, and it is causing death and tragic situations of employees working in the arms industry of Serbia.

Come and protest with us if you are against:

  • Walls, barbed wires, barricades – the symbol of cruelty and political weapon against war refugees and migrants from the Middle East and Africa throughout Europe,
  • The militarization of the refugee tragedy - the closing of borders, deportations, demonizations, exploitations of refugees and migrants, in Serbia as well as all of Europe,
  • The production and trade of weapons, as well as the enforcing of a police state, party police that serve to practice repression against the political opponents in Serbia,
  • The fascization of Serbia – the rehabilitation of quislings from the Second World War, relativization and normalization of fascism, strengthening of neofascist and fascistoid politics and movements supported by the regime;
  • The violent media controlled by the regime that are calling up for pogroms of all those that think differently from the regime and all those that are different by their race, ethnicity, class and ideology in present-day Serbia,
  • The denial of genocide in Srebrenica and other crimes committed in our name on the territory of former Yugoslavia during the wars of the nineties;
  • The glorification of war crimes and war criminals in present-day Serbia – on the state and society level...

Come and protest with us if you are for:

  • Opening the borders and welcoming refugees and migrants in Serbia and all of Europe,
  • International non-violent resistance to racist, xenophobic politics,
  • Affirmation of the antifascist values – respecting the antifascist heritage,
  • Banning all manifestations of neonazi or fascist organizations and associations, banning the use of fascist and neonazi symbols,
  • Declaring the denial of genocide in Srebrenica and denial of Holocaust a criminal act
  • Legally sanctioning the glorification of war crimes and war criminals of the Second World War and of the wars of the nineties,
  • Solidarity with all the oppressed based on their gender, race, ethnicity and class...

No walls, wires, fences and borders!
Exporting arms = producing death! Stop!
Stop arms sales, not refugees!
Stop fascism, nationalism, militarism!

Women in Black, November 8, 2019

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