Women in Black strongly condemn the attack that members of fascist organizations committed to community center Oktobar on the night between Thursday and Friday, March 31st / April 1st 2016.

From the authorities in Serbia, we demand an expedited procedure, finding and prosecution of responsible for this attack. This and similar other attacks occur in the atmosphere of impunity for war crimes and other violent acts.

We believe that the recent verdict of the Hague Tribunal, in which Vojislav Seselj was acquitted any responsibility for spreading hatred and for committing crimes, , was the wind in the back off the members of fascist groups, which will now open a “hunting season” on all those who think differently, especially different from the dominant nationalist discourse, on those who advocate the ideas of solidarity and respect for human rights.

Community Center Oktobar and human rights activists are small oasis of peace and non-violence, much-needed in post-conflict society of Serbia.

The state of Serbia has an obligation to protect and provide trouble-free operation, activities and normal functioning of all the spaces that advocate both for social justice and for the respect of human rights.

Responsible state institutions of Serbia by prosecuting this and similar attacks will demonstrate that their commitment to European values through European integration is not mere rhetoric but a genuine commitment. Otherwise, they will show that they use the fascist group to fight all the different and critically minded people who think differently from the regime in Serbia.

Women in Black on this occasion express solidarity with the community center Oktobar, with which we fight together for the realization of the idea of social justice, equality and visibility of all oppressed groups on social class, gender, racial, sexual basis.

Solidarity is our strength! Antifascism is our choice!

Women in Black, Belgrade, 04.04.2016

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