Reminder: on his Facebook profile spokesman for anti terrorist unit of Ministry of internal affairs Radomir Pocuca, (25.3.14.) called hooligans to deal with Women in Black after we marked 15 th anniversary of war crimes against Albanians from Kosovo. This call provoked uninterrupted chain of attacks against Women in Black, both verbal and physical.
Trial lasted three years and ended with the acquittal.

Court decision to acquit Radomir Pocuca, opens up a space for uninterrupted, unpunishable attacks of all perpetrators against every civil society organization that advocates for human rights, reminds of crimes committed in war in our names, and fights against the discrimination of marginalized groups, It also confirms that profound disturbance of social values reflect to the work of institutions, including autonomous and independent bodies.

This decision also shows that only some citizens enjoy protection from all sorts of statements that cause “emotional distress”, and in particularly urgent processes, while citizens whose safety is really jeopardized need to prove jeopardy in endlessly long trials, even when its quite clear that something is call for violence.

This acquittal affirms that in this country there is an unlimited freedom of speech only for those who spread hate, violence, discrimination, nationalism and militarism. This verdict is tailwind for all those who are violent against everyone who is different in ethnic, sexual, political way, and particularly vulnerable groups, amongst which the majority are women. The verdict is a clash against all responsible, solidary and free thinking citizens, human rights activists who advocate for peace, respect of human rights and civil liberties.

Freedom of speech, as well as expressing opinions should not include any kind of call for violence. Because we don’t want violence to be part of our daily lives, we strongly oppose the impunity of an open call for violence, discrimination, endangerment of freedoms and rights of others.

We will address all of the relevant international organizations for protection of human rights, and as responsible activists we will continue to put pressure on institutions towards the respect of human rights and fulfillment of international obligations, to which Serbia committed, primarily within the process of EU integration.
Politically responsibly and in solidarity with Women in Black,

Autonomous Women’s Center
Belgrade, 15.12.2016.

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