Women in Black Network from Serbia, Women against Violence Network and Reconstruction Women's Fund are supporting the request of journalists from Serbia who are asking for the removal of Bratislav Gasic, Minister of Defence of Republic of Serbia.

Just to recall, while giving a statement in Trstenik (December 6, 2015) the Minister of Defence told the B92 journalist: "I sure love when female journalists get on their knees this easily."

This sexism and degradation of women and journalism was followed by a request of journalists of Serbia to remove the Minister of Defence from his office. The removal was also supported by the Prime Minister of Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic who said that "after this, Gasic cannot remain in his position."

However, so far the Minister of Defence has not been deposed, which confirms not only the undemocratic capacity of Serbia's government, but also a totalitarian tendency of Serbia's Prime Minister and militarization of public life.

This regime is permanently militarizing public life by:
- producing enemies
- controlling people by intimidation
- demonization and even elimination from public life of those who think differently, those who oppose, those who do not consent to blind obedience and idolatry

Not removing the Minister of Defence from his office shows how large in fact is the gap between politically proclaimed European integrations and the governing lawlessness and violation of human rights.

Not removing the Minister of Defence is a clear indicator that we live in a climate of unpunished and unpunishable violence, which is a heritage of crimes from the nineties, as well as the autocratic government of Aleksandar Vucic.

In an overall climate of unsafety for those who think differently from the governing regime, the Minister of Defence can go unpunished, same as after the Army of Serbia's helicopter crash, where seven persons lost their lives, he can enjoy ministerial immunity which protects him from investigations for numerous corruption affairs, and finally he can uninterruptedly spread hatred against women, in this case, journalists.

We are demanding from the Prime Minister of Serbia to momentarily fulfill his promise and depose the Minister of Defence Bratislav Gasic.

As a sign of solidarity with female journalists of Serbia, the above mentioned organizations of civil society will join the protest in front of the building of Government of Serbia, on December 21, 2015.

Belgrade, December 21, 2015
Women in Black Network from Serbia
Women against Violence Network
Reconstruction Women's Fund

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