On September 27th, Women in Black organized protest in silence and wearing black in front of the Embassy of Burma / Myanmar in Belgrade, on Kneza Milosa Street 72.

The peace action called Stop the genocide against Rohingya was organized due to the current political situation in Burma / Myanmar.

At the protest, the following banners were raised in Serbian, English and Burmese:
- Stop the killing of Rohingya!
- Stop the genocide against Rohingya!
- Aung San Suu Kyi where is your conscience?

The protest had media coverage and there was an unprecedented number of police security. Protest was attended by about fifteen activists of Women in Black, Reconstruction Women's Fund and Women's Network against Violence.

During the protest, the officials of the embassy both domestic and foreign were photographing activists all the time.

On this occasion, Women in Black made the following requests:
- The authorities of Burma/Myanmar to stop the persecution of Rohingya ethnic minority.
- Nobel Peace Prize Award winner Aung San Suu Kyi to return the award.
- The International Criminal Court to conduct an investigation.
- Serbia to stop exporting arms to Myanmar.

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