On September 21, 2017, which is World Peace Day, at 12 o’clock in Knez Mihailova Street in front of the so-called Russian tzar, Women in Black with the support of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights are organizing a peace action, wearing all black and in silence, called Stop the war, not the refugees.

The same day there will be peace actions in the following cities as well: Leskovac, Kruševac, Pljevlja, Kotor, Tuzla, Zagreb, Ljubljana.

We are organizing this peace action because:

We are against:
- War, militarism and the rising militarization, on a global as well as local level.
- Closing up the borders, setting up barbed-wire fences, persecutions, deportations of refugees
- Selling of weapons in war areas by the Western Balkans states
- War profiteering, organized crime, exploitation of refugees
- Racism, xenophobia, racistic propaganda against refugees
- Breaking international conventions on refugees
- Neocolonial policy of the West and dictatorship regimes in Third World countries

We are for:
- Stopping the war in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen...
- Opening the borders for all refugees and regulating their status
- Stopping the sale of weapons to countries in war
- Solidarity, responsibility, supporting refugees, most of all women and children
- Welcoming refugees

Stop the war, not the refugees! Stop the sale of weapons, not the refugees!

In Belgrade, September 20, 2017

Peace action and Report on the World Peace Day

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