June 20th - World Refugee Day

The activists of Women in Black on June 20th will organized in the parks near the Central Bus Station and near the Faculty of Economics an action of solidarity with the refugees from the Middle East

On the occasion of June 20th - World Refugee Day, we would like once again to draw public attention to the tragic situation of the refugee population.

Previous year will be remembered by a large wave of refugees from the Middle East that swept Europe. Years of bad policy, irresponsible decisions and ignoring the problems by the international community is one of the generators of the exodus.

We see that in spite of the alleged "solution" of the problem by closing the "Balkan route", nothing is resolved. On the contrary, things have become worse because the refugees continue to arrive, but their position become even more difficult. Suspending their own laws, the countries of Europe have placed refugees "outside the law" and pushed them into the clutches of criminal organizations and people smugglers, like we are witnessing in Serbia.

It is clear that the refugee problem can be permanently resolved only by addressing the source of the problem, and that are wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead of focusing on the restoration of peace, the international community spends huge funds and resources on walls, wire fences and other types of barriers. At the same time, the moral capacity of Europe is "spent". We have witnessed a number of "compromise" by the European Union and individual member states and other countries, to the detriment of the right of human rights in their attempts to cope with the resulting crisis. These values are the foundation of the European Union and their disruption, returns Europe back to the times of evil and suffering that preceded its establishment.

We are witnessing that such a climate appropriate extremist and fascist movements, which are gaining in strength. Using miserable position of refugees and economic problems of the local population, this groups using manipulation and lies, making of refugees, who are victims, the culprits, who "economic and even physically threaten" the citizens of Europe.

In such circumstances, we believe that the dam to upcoming fascism is solidarity.

Solidarity with the refugees!

Solidarity among people, solidarity above the states and nations!

Numerous examples of solidarity across Europe, give hope that again it will be No Pasaran!

Women in Black
Belgrade, June 20th 2016

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