Stop the violence in Belarus

Support for the nonviolent protests

Women in Black are organizing protest in blackness and silence, 9th. 09. 2020. from 13-14pm in front of the Belarus Embassy, Deligradska 13.

Alexander Lukashenko is the president of Belarus since 1994, and is known as “last European dictator”. On the elections held in August, he won again. However, the opposition is refusing to recognize the results of elections, claiming they are a setup. Across the country, many people went out to protest. State reacted to peaceful and nonviolent protests with violence, using military and police to clash the demonstrations. Many people were injured, many arrested, and some even got killed.people that are protesting for more than a month use a wide range of nonviolent methods (demonstrations, protesting marches, online activism, blocking the traffic, civil disobedience, general strike), and on such protests they are requesting:

  • Resignation of Lukashenko
  • Resignation of the Government
  • New, open and fair elections
  • Freedom for political prisoners
  • End to police brutality

On this occasion, Women in Black:

  • give their full support to peaceful, nonviolent demonstrations against dictatorship in Belarus
  • condemn use of brutal force, both military and police, against people of Belarus who have different views from the ruling govement.
  • requests from international community to do everything in their power to enable change of government
  • request from Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, not to give support to president Lukashenko

We hope that the citizens of Belarus will get to live in a free country, free from dictatorship, and on this occasion we express solidarity with nonviolent resistance of Belarus women.


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