Letter to the Kosovo women activists following the second conference in Macedonia, 2007

in the fall of 2007, entitled


Dear Kosovo activist,

We are still retelling our impressions, we still picture our encounters as we wonder and plan all the things that we could do after our second conference in Struga. To sum up, we seem to have come closer together and that we have succeeded in building mutual trust among us. After nearly 20 years of Serbian policy of exclusion and crushing everything that is Albanian, we have taken a historical step! These we not separate encounters among a few of us, therefore, this was not an exception or a one-off instance – this is a coalition!

The emotional exchanges that took place last time, the disclosure of our personal recounts has made possible this trip – it created the wish to work together, not only because it suits us politically, but also because we feel an emotional urge to do so. Full of ideas and enthusiasm to create a different policy of everyday life, where, instead of nationalistic contaminations, we would create spaces open to exchanges, where we are ready to hear one another, where we want to be different together in concrete actions, not merely as a phrase, but by moving the barriers of political awareness about Serbia and Kosovo. It has already become clear that we have overcome the notions of “us” and “you” and that we increasingly search for spaces that allow for political encounters, in order to transform them into action. On one hand, our personal stories are confronted, while on the other we hold hands and it becomes indiscernible who is who in the street, because we have a common political goal! This is our coalition!

Thank you for all the warm hugs you greeted us with, for the exceptional organization of the conference and for the great party!

Your sisters in peace
Activists of the Women in Black Network Serbia/ activists of the Peace Coalition

Belgrade, 10th September 2007

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