Activity report for the period January - April 2018

We solidarity thank you in advance.

In this reporting period we organized nineteen (13) actions, and we also actively participated in other street actions:

Commemoration / marking of important dates of crimes committed on our name, as well as other crimes against civilian population, during and after wars, in the territory of the former Yugoslavia:

Belgrade, February 27th, “We Remember the Crime in Strpce” - On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the crime in Strpci, Women in Black, the Humanitarian Law Center and the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, organized standing in black and silence, on February 27th, 2018. The event was organized in front of the entrance to the main railway station in Belgrade, from where on February 27th, 1993, a train number 671 departed. The train stopped at Strpci station, by members of the military formation „Avengers“ of the Visegrad Brigade of the Army of Republika Srpska, which was under Milan Lukic’s command in the reserve force. 20 people of non-Serb nationality were taken out of the train and were later killed...

Prijepolje, February 27th- In front of the memorial plaque in Prijepolje, 25th anniversary of the crime in Strpci was marked. Activist from women’s association Women of Polimlje from Prijepolje (Serbia) and Bona Fide from Pljevlja (Montenegro), who are part of the Women in Black network, together with families of victims, paid tribute to victims of crimes in Strpci.

Belgrade, April 6th „We Remember: 26th anniversary since the beggining of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina“ – In the main street (Knez Mihailova street), we organized standing in black and silence for to commemorate 26th years since the beginning of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Banners were displayed with names of places of crime committed in BH. The event was attended by thirty (30) activists. This public gathering was duly filed to the Police. However, Simo Spasić from the Association of Families of the Kidnapped and Killed in Kosovo and Metohija, for whole the time interrupted the gathering...

Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina), April 11th „We are looking for our missing – don’t forget genocide in Srebrenica“ - Organized by the Association “Women of Srebrenica” which gathers women whose members were missing and killed during the Srebrenica genocide, July 1995. Since 1996, “Women of Srebrenica” organize in Tuzla on every 11th in the month a peaceful protests to sensitize the general public to the extent of suffering of Bosniak civilians in Srebrenica genocide. Women in Black from Belgrade are often involvedin the protests in Tuzla, and on this occasion eight activists (8) of Women in Black Network participated in the protest with the women of Srebrenica.

Belgrade, April 23rd - On the occasion of the 19th anniversary of the killing of 16 RTS workers activists of Women in Black, at 2:06am and 2:06pm, joined the families, colleagues and friends of 16 RTS workers who died on April 23rd, 1999 in the NATO attack. Women in Black, together with women from the area of Zvornik (Đulici, Klisa, Sapna - Bosnia and Herzegovina) attended the commemoration of the killed RTS workers in front of the monument “Why?”, expressing compassion and solidarity with the families of those killed.

Feminist, antifascist, antiwar, antiracist, antimilitarist actions...

Report on our activities in pdf.

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