Activity report for the period January – April 2016

As we have done in the past, we are providing you with a short report on the activities of Women in Black in the reporting period.

We would like to thank you in advance, in solidarity.

Street actions: In this reporting period we organized eleven (11) actions, but we are also actively involved in other street actions:
- Commemorations / marking significant dates of crimes committed in our name
- Feminist, anti-fascist, anti-war, anti-racist, anti-militarist actions...

Commemorations / marking significant dates of crimes committed in our name, as well as other crimes against the civilian population, during and after the wars in the former Yugoslavia:

Belgrade, February 27th - On the occasion of 23rd anniversary of the crime in Strpce, Women in Black, Humanitarian Law Center and Youth Initiative for Human Rights, organized (from 3.48pm to 4.48pm) peace action "We remember the crime in Strpce" in Knez Mihailova Street. To remind: On February 27th 1993 at 3.48pm from train 671, from Belgrade to Bar, in Strpci train station, 230 km from Belgrade, members of armed formations "Avengers", apart of Army of the Republic of Srpska kidnapped and killed 19 passengers, non-Serbs (18 Muslims and 1 Croat). Following banners were present: The train stopped at 15.48h; We remember the crime in Strpce - 27.02.1993.-27.02.2016; And after 23 years, Serbia is silent. Until when?; Women in Black for peace and justice. There were also banners with the names of victims Esad Kapetanovic, Ilijaz Licina, Fehim Baki, Seco Softic, Rifat Husović, Halil Zupčević, Senad Đečević, Jusuf Rastoder, Ismet Babačić, Tomo Buzov, Adem Alomerović, Muhedin Hanić, Safet Preljević, Džafar Topuzović, Rasim Coric, Fikret Memović, Fevzija Zeković, Nijazim Kajević, Zvjezdan Zulicic. In addition to standing in black and in silence, actresses of Dah Theatre performed a song from their play “The Story of Tea”, which is dedicated to kidnapping in Strpce. This action was attended by 35 activists.

Prijepolje, February 27th - In front of the memorial plaque in Prijepolje, the 23rd anniversary of the crime in Strpce was marked. Activists of Female Voice from Priboj, Bona Fide from Pljevlja, who are members of Women in Black Network, paid tribute to victims of crime in Strpce.

Belgrade, March 26th - The Youth Initiative for Human Rights and My Initiative movement organized a walk from the Republic Square to Batajnica, in protest against the rehabilitation of war criminals. Walk was 20 kilometers long and was organized under the slogan "too young to remember, determined to never forget", so to never forget the crimes against Kosovo Albanians during the NATO bombing in 1999.
The walk was completed in Batajnica, where in the MIA Special antiterrorist unit training area in 2001 were found more than 700 bodies of Kosovo Albanian civilians killed during the war in Kosovo (1999). Women in Black activists took active part in this action.

Belgrade, April 6th - "We remember - 24 years from the beginning of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. On the anniversary of the beginning of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Women in Black organized peace action in black and in silence, in Knez Mihailova Street. Action was also organized on the occasion of the unjust verdict of the Hague Tribunal to Vojislav Seselj. During the protest stage action We remember (6.04.1992.-6.04.2016.) was played. 30 activists took part in the action from following organizations: Women in Black, the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, the Association of Serbian antifascists, Autonomous Women's Center

Belgrade, April 23rd - The activists of Women in Black, on April 23rd in 02.06 am joined the families, colleagues and friends of 16 RTS employees who were killed on April 23rd 1999 in 02.06 am in NATO attack. On the monument "Why?" in Tasmajdan park in Belgrade, Women in Black, laid flowers with the words "We remember".

Feminist, anti-fascist, anti-war, anti-racist, anti-militarist actions...

Report on our activities in pdf.

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