Report on our activities for May - Avgust 2015.

As we have done in the past, we are providing you with a short report on the activities of Women in Black in the reporting period.

We would like to thank you in advance, in solidarity.

Street actions: In this reporting period we have organized eight (8) street actions.
- Commemorations/memorialisation of important dates of crimes committed in our name
- Feminist, antifascist, anti-war, antiracist and antimilitarist actions...

Commemorations of important dates of crimes committed in our name, as well as of other crimes against civilians during (and after) the wars in ex-Yugoslavia:

20 years of genocide in Srebrenica - We remember!: aiming to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica, every 11th of the month, together with peace organizations and art collectives from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, WIB organized a series of activities in Belgrade, Sarajevo, Kotor, as well as in other towns in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Within this report, we will name other actions and activities (activist-artistic, lectures, debates, working meetings, film projections, etc.) and in this here column we name only street actions:

May 11, 2015 Belgrade. Srebrenica (Srebrenicka) street - action Srebrenica Threshold from 12 - 1 PM. Action against silence about the Srebrenica genocide addressed to general public, as an incentive work to reflect the issues of guilt and responsibility, as well as of compassion for the victims and survivors. In the action participated also artists from MMC Led Art /Art Clinic from Novi Sad. A big wooden threshold with number 8,372 (registered number of victims) was be posted in Srebrenicka street. In this action participated 20 persons.

May 11th, the Memorial Centre Potocari near Srebrenica: Activists of Women in Black from Belgrade, together with the activists from Algeria/France, USA and Spain visited the Memorial Centre in Potočari, where they attended the commemoration of the genocide in Srebrenica, together with the women of Srebrenica.

June 11th, Belgrade: "July 11th the Memory Day of Genocide in Srebrenica - Declare!" Delivering/handing over the request to the following institutions: to the President of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, to the National Parliament of the Republic of Serbia. Protest in black and in silence of activists signing this initiative, as well as of activists of other NGOs - park in front of the Presidency of Serbia.

See yourself Serbia! 20 years - 20 mirrors stage action by Women in Black, Dah Teatar, the Autonomous Women's Centre and the Reconstruction Women's Fund. This peace action was participated by over 100 persons...

Report on our activities in pdf.

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