Report on our activities for May - Avgust 2018

We solidarity thank you in advance.

In this reporting period we organized nineteen (13) actions, and we also actively participated in other street actions:

Commemoration / marking of important dates of crimes committed on our name, as well as other crimes against civilian population, during and after wars, in the territory of the former Yugoslavia:

May 24th, Kruševac „We Remember Brave Resistance of Women!” - Women’s organization „Peščanik“, The Women’s Network of the Rasina District and the Women in Black Network marked the 19th anniversary of the women’s protest against forced mobilization in 1999.
This peace action, organized on the occasion of May 24th – International Day of Women’s Action for Peace and Disarmament, activists recalled the courageous resistance of women to mobilization and war in Kosovo.
In memory of that day, activists stood on the square holding banners with inscriptions:
- We remember the courage of the women of the Rasina district
- Rasina district: 12 000 mobilized and 52 dead people. Why?
- Everything for peace, health and knowledge - nothing for weapons!
About twenty (20) activists took part in the action...

June 19th, Foča (Bosnia and Herzegovina) “We Remember Women Raped in War, We Remember Women of Foca” On the occasion of the 19th of June - the International Day Against Sexual Violence in War, Women in Black from Belgrade organized a event in Foca, a place where the war crime of rape, including the crime of sexual slavery, was the most widespread during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The event was organized with the support of: Citizens’ Associations ’Goraždanke’ from Gorazde, Women’s Association Seka from Gorazde, War victims associations Foča 92-95 from Sarajevo, Women War Victims Associations from Sarajevo, Cure Foundation from Sarajevo, Autonomous Women’s Center from Belgrade, Women’s networks against violence and Women in Black Network from Leskovac, Kraljevo and Pljevlja...

July 10th, Belgrade, „Srebrenica 8372...“- On the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide, Women in Black on July 10th, 2018, on the Republic Square organized a standing in black.
A scene action was performed in cooperation with art collectives Dah Theater and Skart...

Feminist, antifascist, antiwar, antiracist, antimilitarist actions...

Report on our activities in pdf.

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