Report on our activities for September - December 2015.

As we have done in the past, we are providing you with a short report on the activities of Women in Black in the reporting period.

We would like to thank you in advance, in solidarity.

Street actions: During the period covered by this report we have organized twelve (12) actions, and we also took part in other street actions:
- Commemorations/memorialisation of important dates of crimes committed in our name
- Feminist, antifascist, anti-war, antiracist and antimilitarist action...

Commemorations of important dates of crimes committed in our name, as well as of other crimes against civilians during (and after) the wars in ex-Yugoslavia:

October 5th, Belgrade: We will never forget the crime in Topčider! - On October 5th it was the anniversary of murder of the two guardsmen Dragan Jakovljević i Dražen Milovanović, in military facility ’Karaš’, military barrack in Topčider (October 5th 2004). The guardsmen are killed in the military barrack under unexplained circumstances, and there is reasonable suspicion that they were murdered because in the barracks they saw at the time the Hague fugitive Ratko Mladić. In occasion of the eleventh anniversary of the murder of the two guardsmen, Women in Black organized commemorative protest in silence and in black, on October 5th2015 outside the barracks Karaš in Topčider; solidarity with the parents and families of the murdered soldiers with support to their quest for truth about the death of the two young men was expressed by about twenty (20) activists of the Network of the Women in Black from Serbia; Two slogans featured on the protest in Topčider: “We will never forget the crime in Topčider” and “Women in Black for peace and justice”.

October 22nd, Belgrade - We remember crime in Sjeverin - in occasion of 23rd anniversary of the crime in Sjeverin, Women in Black organized vigil in black and silence in main Belgrade street. On October 22nd 1992. Serbian armed formations kidnaped (in village Sjeverin) and killed seventeen (17) Bosnian civilians from the bus on the line Priboj – Rudo, near the border between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This peace action was attended by 20 activists

November 18th, Belgrade - “We will never forget the crimes in Vukovar” - on occasion of 24th anniversary of crimes in Vukovar, we organized vigil and perfomance ’Vukovar We remember 1991-2015. In 1991, Vukovar was under siege of Yugoslav National Army (JNA) and paramilitary Serbian formations for full 87 days. In that town, more than 1000 civilians were killed, more than 25000 people were injured, while thousands of ill and wounded prisoners were taken into camps in Serbia, and town Vukovar was occupied on November 18th 1991 by Serbian armed formations. During a protest there was a small performance. On the sidewalk, it was written with salt “We remember Vukovar 1991- 2015”. This peace action was attended by some fifty (50) activists of Women in Black and the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Reconstruction Women’s Fund and the Autonomous Women’s Center.

Feminist, antifascist, anti-war, antiracist and antimilitarist actions...

Report on our activities in pdf.

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