Activity report for the period September - December 2019

As we have done in the past, we are providing you with a short report on the activities of Women in Black in the reporting period.

We would like to thank you in advance, in solidarity.

Street actions: In this reporting period we organized eleven (11) actions, and we also actively participated in other street actions:

Commemoration / marking of important dates of crimes committed in our name, as well as other crimes against civilian population, during and after wars, in the territory of the former Yugoslavia:

Belgrade, October 5th „We Remember“ - on the occasion of the fifteen anniversary of the crime - the killing of two soldiers at the military building in Topčider (October 5th , 2004), Dragan Jakovljević and Dražen Milovanović, together with the families of victims, and activists from Serbia and Belgium.

Belgrade, October 5th “We will never forget the crime in Topčider” – a protest in black and silence, in front of the Ministry of Defense. At the protest, the following banners were raised: We will never forget the crime in Topčider; We remember Dragan Jakovljević and Dražen Milovanović; Responsibility.
The action was continued by marching from the Ministry of Defense via Nemanjina Street to the Serbian Government where the following two banners were posted up:
“Discover the killers of soldiers!” and “What has your commission done?” This was also followed by presenting a mirror with Topčider! written on it.
This action was organized by Women in Black, in cooperation with Humanitarian Law Center and Youth Initiative for Human Rights, in which 25 activists from Belgrade and three activists from Belgium took part.

Belgrade, October 22nd “We will never forget the crime in Sjeverin” – on the 27th anniversary of the crime in Sjeverin, when on October 22nd, 1992, 17 people of the Bosniak nationality were kidnapped and killed, Women in Black organized a protest in black and silence, in Knez Mihailova Street.
In addition to the names of the victims killed, the following banners were raised:
We remember the crime in Sjeverin (October 22, 1992–October 22, 2019)
10/22/1992 – The members of the Serbian paramilitary force called the Avengers (Osvetnici) stopped a bus with civilians, inhabitants of Sjeverin, on the Priboj-Rudo route and took them as hostages. We remember the crime in Sjeverin
Why is the Government not talking about the crime Sjeverin? How much longer?
The protest was attended by about twenty (20) activists of the WiB, supported by the Humanitarian Law Center and the Youth Initiative for Human Rights.

Belgrade, November 18th “We will never forget the crimes in Vukovar” - on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the fall of Vukovar, Women in Black in Knez Mihailova Street, held a protest in black and silence. The following banners were raised:
We will never forget the crimes in Vukovar;
The JNA kept under siege Vukovar for 87 days;
More than 1,000 civilians were killed, 25,000 wounded, and almost all of the non-Serb population was expelled;
On Ovčara, more than 200 sick and wounded prisoners from the Vukovar hospital were killed;In the urbicide, almost the entire city was destroyed;
Thousands of Croatian prisoners have passed through camps in Serbia (Aleksinac, Begejci, Belgrade, Nis, Sremska Mitrovica, Stajicevo);
Responsibility ...

There was an action with scenes played at the protest. It was written Vukovar 1991-2019 by using salt, and then candles were lit around it. There were around forty (40) activists present at the protest, including Women in Black, the Humanitarian Law Center, Youth Initiative for Human Rights, Reconstruction Women’s Fund and Anima from Đulići, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Feminist, anti-fascist, anti-war, anti-racist, anti-militarist actions...

Report on our activities in pdf.

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