Event - September 5, 2006

A very dangerous and strange incident with gunshots occurred. Police in civilian dress made statements about the TV program ‘Big Risk’ in which different and critical positions towards and thoughts about high-level policies of the Serbian government are stated...
The more general media intimidation of brave and distinguished leaders of nongovernmental organizations that advocate the protection of human rights, continues to be broadcast to the Serbian public. This raises two essential issues related to creating a democratic and free future.

In Serbia, under the leadership of Vojislav Kostunica, the regime practices political repression and introduces thought control that represses the freedom of speech, violating a basic human right. People who hold different views are frightened and publicly threatened with violence.

The regime of Vojislav Kostunica, through its own ‘ministerial power’ and secret service and agents in the media, create incidents and via their supports (Siniša Vučinić and others), publicly incites violence against political dissidents with the aim of covering up the failures of the government and Premier Kostunica in the Kosovo Final Status Negotiations. The government blames its failures on nongovernmental organizations that advocate for human rights and the leaders of these organizations who publicly state the true facts about this and other issues.

The incident with Nataša Kandić on the program ’Big Risk’ on TV B92, as well as other similar incidents, prove the continuity of the policies of Vojislav Kostunica with the undemocratic and repressive methods and policies of the Milosevic regime. We are witnesses to the reprise of the 1990s, when the regime accused, intimidated and liquidated those who thought differently and all critics of the government. In Serbia, criminals prosecute those who do their best to break from the undemocratic past and demand the accountability of everyone who committed crimes.

Belgrade, September 5, 2006

Women in Black—Belgrade
The Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade
Lawyers for Democracy
Youth Initiative for Human Rights
The Lawyer’s Committee for Human Rights (YUCOM)
The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights

This announcement is joined by:

The Incest Trauma Center
The Autonomous Women’s Center
Bonafide, Pljevlja
Impuls, Tutin
Urban In, Novi Pazar
Zar, Kikinda
Fenomena, Kraljevo
Women’s Center, Leskovac
SOS Telephone, Vlasotince
Women in Action, Velika Plana
Neda Peace Group, Zajecar
and members of the Women in Black Network from Nis, Pirot, and Dimitrovgrad

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