July 11th-A Day to remember Srebrenica-Proclaim it!

Women in Black report

Since July 1995, when Srebrenica`s Genocide has been committed, Women in Black continuously demanded all kind of responsibilities, especially justice for the victims of Genocide. Since February 2009., Women in Black and other NGO`s (Law Committee on Human Rights, Humanitarian Law Fund, Helsinki Board on Human Rights in Serbia, Youth Initiative for Human Rights, Center for Advanced Law Studies) have organized each eleventh, every month, protests in front of Serbian Presidency, demanding that in Serbia, as in European Parliament, this date should be proclaimed as A Day to remember Srebrenica`s Genocide. This initiative gathered hundred of NGO`s from all parts of Serbia. Though we have expressed the same demand to the President Boris Tadić as well, he flouted, showing in that way his irresponsibility and disrespect toward civil society of Serbia.

We do support the attitude of those parties in the Parliament, which plead for the Resolution on Srebrenica, in which this crime will be defined as Genocide, in
accordance with European Parliament Resolution, with International Court of
Justice verdict, as well as with numerous verdicts of the Tribunal in Hague.

We acknowledge that the proclamation of this Resolution is not the result of the
political and ethics necessity of those parties, or their need to face the past, with the respect for the victims of the crimes which were committed in our names, among them, Srebrenica`s one was the most horrible.
We also know their motivation comes from the preassure of the international community, and a result of the calculations of those parties for their staying or comming on the top of the political hierarchy.

We consider this Resolution proclamation, will bring:

- fulfillment of our moral duty toward victims of Srebrenica`s Genocide,
- stepping out regarding rapture with the former regime of Slobodan Milošević,
- the beginning of the rapture with the ideology, moral and cultural patterns,
which were created to justify the war and now they are here to justify war
crimes, or to deny them (especially those institutions as Serbian Academy
of Science and Art)
- disclaiming in the most sincere way of the war aims (Great Serbia), achievement of better relations in the region, as an assumption of a just peace in the region, including European integrations,
- the beginning of the changes in the society-through educational system, art, culture, because if we make changes only in the sphere of the legal-criminal system, or within forced political declarations, there will not be changes in the deformed moral and value system of our society.

We will use this chance to demand the deportation of the accused by the Tribunal in the Hague, again, (Ratko Mladić and Goran Hadžić). We will continue with our
demands regarding this Resolution.

11th of February, 2010.

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