Always disobedient, and still in the streets...

Women in black - 30 years of resistance

9th october 1991 we took to the streets of Belgrade for the first time - that is when we began non- violent resistance to the war and the policies of the Serbian regime. So far, we have organized about 2,500 street actions. We are still in the streets ...
Women in Black / WiB is an activist group and network of feminist-anti-militarist orientation, consisting of women, but also men of different generational and ethnic backgrounds, educational levels, social status, lifestyles and sexual choices.


Freedom for Flora Brovina!

We are all Flora Brovina!

Although conscious of the fact that judicial institutions are subject to the needs of the regime, we want to believe that, on Serbia's Supreme Court, there still exist honorable persons who are determined, and who in the session of May 16, 2000 will make the just decision and free Flora Brovina.

On December 9, 1999, Flora Brovina was sentenced to twelve years of prison for the crime of "terrorism." She was condemned without any proof of guilt. The incriminating material was bandages (gauze dressings) and wool for knitting. Each one of us has in her possession the same incriminating material. The "guilt" of Flora Brovina consists of being an activist in a humanitarian organization, and of having organized non-violent actions against the repression of this regime, violence, and the war. Each one of us can be accused of the same "crimes."


Flora Brovina's sentence demonstrates the abuse of judicial institutions and extreme political arrogance. The sentencing of Flora Brovina not only shows state repression but is also a prolongation of war, the continual creation of hate, ethnic discrimination, and erasing of the Other/those who are different.

This regime treats, as enemies, all of us who are different, others in every sense—ideologically, ethnically, sexually, denominationally. The number of these persons is enormous. They can touch each one of us. We are dependent on the political necessities of the regime. Each one of us, today or tomorrow, could be an object of state repression.

If we justify any type of repression with the reason "she must have done something or they wouldn't prosecute her," or if we deceive ourselves with the illusion that the repression will not touch us if only "we do not involve ourselves in politics and mind our own business," we allow this regime not only to break our solidarity but also to change us into accomplices and victims of political repression. With silence and indifference, we permit them to commit crimes and repress "in the name of the people." There is no place for the justification "we did not know..."

Raising our voices for the liberation of Flora Brovina and all the political prisoners, for more than their ethnic identity, we take civic responsibility, we inspire mutual support and solidarity, and we reject all types of violence.

We, activists of peace organizations and women's humanitarian organizations, base our actions on respect for life, respect for others, for those that are different. For us, peace is not only the absence of war, but also respect for everyone who thinks differently. We trust in non-violent solutions for all problems and conflicts. Because of this, we trust that the Supreme Court of Serbia in its May 16, 2000 session will make a just decision and free Flora Brovina.

Belgrade, May 12, 2000

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