Always disobedient, and still in the streets...

Women in black - 30 years of resistance

9th october 1991 we took to the streets of Belgrade for the first time - that is when we began non- violent resistance to the war and the policies of the Serbian regime. So far, we have organized about 2,500 street actions. We are still in the streets ...
Women in Black / WiB is an activist group and network of feminist-anti-militarist orientation, consisting of women, but also men of different generational and ethnic backgrounds, educational levels, social status, lifestyles and sexual choices.


Important Dates We Remember

30. january
- Međunarodni dan nenasilja
27. february
- Otmica u Štrpcima
8. march
- Međunarodni dan žena
21. march
- Međunarodni dan borbe protiv rasizma
9. may
- Dan Evrope
15. may
- Međunarodni dan prigovora savesti
24. may
- Međunarodni dan ženskih akcija za mir i razoružanje
28. may
- Međunarodni dan akcija za žensko zdravlje
9. june
- Međunarodni dan borbr protiv okupacije Palestine
27. june
- Međunarodni dan ponosa
10. july
- Genocid u Srebrenici
9. october
- Osnovane Žene u crnom u Beogradu
9. november
- Međunarodni dan akcija protiv antisemitizma, fašizma, rasizma i ksenofobije
25. november
- Međunarodni dan akcija protiv nasilja nad ženama
29. november
- Međunarodni dan braniteljki ljudskih prava
10. december
- Međunarodni dan ljudskih prava