Stop the war in Ukraine!

On March 16th 2022 at 13:00, Women in Black organizes a vigil in silence and mourning “Stop the war in Ukraine” in Knez Mihailova Street (in front of Ruski car).

Occupying troops of the Russian Federation have been carrying out barbaric attacks on Ukraine since February 24, 2022. Invasion troops, criminally besieging cities, deprive civilians of water, electricity, medicine, food and destroy civilian infrastructure - hospitals, schools, all places of vital importance… Due to humanitarian catastrophe, terror and fear, over 2.8 million people from Ukraine sought refuge by fleeing neighboring countries. The war in Ukraine threatens to jeopardize the all too fragile world peace, and Putin's imperialist militarist campaign involves the danger of resorting to nuclear weapons.

Once again, we demand:

  • Urgent cessation of all military operations and the withdrawal of the occupying troops of the Russian Federation from Ukraine.
  • Effective peace negotiations and the cessation of all military operations to end the suffering of the civilian population, the devastation of cities and the destruction of civilian infrastructure.
  • Investigation before the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice for aggression - crimes against peace, crimes of Russian invading troops against civilians in Ukraine.
  • That the state of Serbia adhere to the legal ban on the participation of Serbian volunteers on the battlefields in Ukraine, especially having in mind the current benevolent attitude of the judiciary towards Serbian volunteers on the pro-Russian side.
  • Continuation of EU sanctions against Putin's regime - Russian oligarchs, militarists and all those who support the invasion of Ukraine.

We express our solidarity and support for the anti-war movement in Russia, Belarus and the attacked Ukraine. We express our deepest respect and solidarity to the brave and responsible feminist activists throughout the Russian Federation who have risen up against the war and Putin's tyranny!

In Belgrade, 15th March 2022

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