Always disobedient, and still in the streets...

Women in black - 30 years of resistance

9th october 1991 we took to the streets of Belgrade for the first time - that is when we began non- violent resistance to the war and the policies of the Serbian regime. So far, we have organized about 2,500 street actions. We are still in the streets ...
Women in Black / WiB is an activist group and network of feminist-anti-militarist orientation, consisting of women, but also men of different generational and ethnic backgrounds, educational levels, social status, lifestyles and sexual choices.


"There is no place for refugees"

Horgos 2

First we headed towards Horgos 2 (border crossing between Serbia and Hungary).
There we did not saw anyone on the way to the border, and at the border crossing.

Since Hungary has closed its border (three years ago), there are no refugees anymore.

Sport center Sport

When we went to Palic to visit the reception center for refugees that was in the former Hotel Sport, which is today a devastated building, we found the only tenant of the object.

We asked him whether there are refugees/migrants in this building?
He replied: "You think those Talibans"?
We told him that we mean refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan ...
He said: “yes that is what I meant, the Talibans, they were all arrested by the police a year ago".

Stara Ciglana (Old Brick Factory)

In the end we went to the Stara Ciglana (Old Brick Factory), where two men stood beside the inscription in front of the gate on which it was written: private property - entrance forbidden.

When we asked them if there are refugees inside, one of them asked us: "Where are you going"?

We told him we came to see if there are refugees there.
He replied: "You see that it says private property here?", pointing his hand to the inscripton that stood beside him.

He was rude towards us, and in a rough way, before we were able to ask him anything else, he aggressively told us to turn around and leave, giving us a clear message by waving his hands that we are not wanted and to move away.

In the city (Subotica), we did not find refugees either at the railway station or in any other location in the city, where they gathered three years ago.

Orban's and Vucic's wire fences are impenetrable and inaccessible for everyone...

Stasa and Goran, July 21st, 2018