Protests and Vigils


Why in Black?

We wear black as a symbol of our grief for all known and unknown sacrifices of this and all wars, the killing of people, the demolition of towns and nature, the destruction of relationships, and the valuing others only because they belong to another nation, faith, or political persuasion. Black clothing is the ultimate image for those who support and consider war, a warning for those who provoke conflicts and wars, and an expression of our resistance against war.

Why Silence?

We choose silence at our protests because we refuse to speak superfluous words, which prevent us from considering ourselves and others. We do not have words to express the tragedy that war provokes. By our visible, persistent, non-violent protest, we want to say:

Don’t speak for us, we speak for ourselves!

We go out to the street, and with the presence of our bodies we express disobedience to all those who, with arms or words, provoke war, hate, or violence.

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